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    Learning Piano

    Parents, don’t wait! Show your kids the Piano world

    Have you every wanted to make your little princes or boy a piano master? Have you ever thought that your tiny kid has such a big talent? Don’t lose time and search for the nearest Piano lessons for children. Here are some useful tips which will help you to make your daughter or son a…

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    Piano Party with Leslie Goshko!!!

    A classical piano party with Leslie Goshko is an award winning story teller. This coming month, Comelia Street Café New York presets to you this wonderful event in 15 of March, 6 Pm. Huffington post contributor and a well known narrator and a one- time contributor in the broad way musical hairspray. All thanks to…

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    81 years of piano lessons and still going strong!

    We have heard of the saying, ”love what you do and you’ll never have to work a day in your entire life.” A piano teacher in Austin says, ”I is the case with me for 81 years and counting”. Ruth Pignotti, who plays with ease; also with grace completes Bach’s Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue. It…

  • How to Learn Piano With PrestoKeys
    Learning Piano

    How to Learn Piano With PrestoKeys

    Learning piano is an enjoyable process. Knowing to play this magical instrument gives you a sense of achievement and pride. In your daily schedule you can take an hour time and start learning to play piano. But if you think, going to a piano teacher and getting an acoustic or a digital piano is stopping…

  • Become a Better Piano Player in 10 Simple Steps
    Learning Piano

    Become a Better Piano Player in 10 Simple Steps

    While you are starting to play piano or you are an advanced learner, all of you aspire to become an expert player in the future. Everybody starts in high hopes of mastering the instrument fast and many turn disappointed when they find their progress is not what they thought would be. Here you can find…

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    Learning Piano

    Want to learn play Piano? Use these fast and simple 5 steps

    Listening to the sweet sound of piano is a wonderful experience. The iconic instrument is intriguing both in complexity and its beauty. This instrument is a symbol of grace and beauty and is a prize to a person who owns one. If you have wanted to play piano but never had time or couldn’t get…